I am Patricia Wolstein co-founder of Woloch Company and
the designer of this new Woloch Collection.

These special designs were an inspiration to me from Costa Alegre, Jalisco a magical coastal area where you can find different types of wildlife and beautiful beaches. My second inspiration to name each textile were my two children; Nicolas, and Ines because they love all kind of animals.

My special place from Costa Alegre is Careyes and its beautiful architecture with colorful houses. Every time I think of Careyes my mind and spirit travel there.That is the reason I decided to share the colors that fill the walls of the cobbled alleys in Careyes. Therefore, I named every design as an animal that lives in that region.
Each design can be done as a napkin, place mat or tablecloth. You are free to explore sizes.We want to be a part of your daily life and to bring colors to your table.

After my creative process was ready, I sent it to our artisan group in Oaxaca and that is where the magic is done.With the help of a pedal loom our designs are brought to life. Every textile piece you acquire from this collection has an immense social impact with a family in Oaxaca, Mexico.