To give Mexican artists and designers the chance to show the world what they can make with their own hands producing high quality products with organic materials.

 S P E C I A L  P R O J E C T S ?



Everything you see in our showroom can be customized. Please let us help you with any special project you have in mind.

A B O U T  W O L O C H

WOLOCH is a 100% Mexican company that promotes and distributes Mexican art and design. We currently have over 16 partners that work with high quality materials and are 100% handmade Mexican certified.

I N V E S T  O N  S O M E  T H I N G  Y O U  L O V E


NY NOW 2018 - 2019
Javits Center, NYC.

C O N T A C T 

Claudia Wolstein Ochoa

C. +(52) 1 333 190 1610 (Mx)
C. +(1) 786 302 0274 (US)
T. +(52) 33 3616 4863 (Office Mx)

Patricia Wolstein Ochoa

C. +(52) 1 333 167 7823 (Mx)
T. +(52) 33 3616 4863 (Office Mx)